Tackorama is a British independent games studio based in London, comprising of Phil and his tabby cat.
We aim to make absurd video games because fun should never be taken seriously.
Our favourite treat is lemon drizzle cake.
— Coming up —
Project: Untitled
Due: Summer/Autumn 2019
Platforms: PC/Mac, Nintendo Switch
Themes: music, cats, the big city, arcade style
Influences: Mikie (ZX Spectrum), Wizkid (Amiga), Game & Watch LCD, Steve Reich (minimalist composer), my cat
Working on: Data structures, level design template, UI elements
Hold up(s): Almost no art is done, levels not settled


It's good to explode.

BombFall Buy BombFall

You are the bomb.


Thrust, turn, shoot, repeat.

Obliterator Buy Obliterator

Star system destroyer.