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BombFall Fact Sheet

You are the bomb

BombFall is a fast-paced, tactical, 2D, arcade game where you play a bomb falling through the sky. You traverse three stages of Earth's atmosphere freely moving within the flight corridor towards the target cityscape.

You have a super tough nose that bashes obstacles as you fall. It flashes green everytime you hit something and causes you to briefly bounce upwards. You also "collect" clouds as you destroy them, charging your manually activated retro booster.

It's good to explode

The sky is filled with natural enemies like thunderstorms and artificial enemies like kites and aliens. Destroying enemies yields powerups which alter your size, weight, health, score, damage output (of your nose bash) and drag factor or enable one of your very special features.

Even though your nose is super tough your sides and fins are vulnerable. Take care not to get flanked or thrown sideways/into danger or else you will be going bang when you're not supposed to (and only getting half of the final bonus).

Boom - Boom - Bang

Every game is different because every part of the sky is procedurally generated.

There are also three optional Augments that are randomly assigned before a game. The three Augments adjust a range of stats and enable special features, drastically affecting gameplay experience.

System Requirements

  • Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch.
  • Mouse and keyboard (Windows/Mac).
  • DPad / Joystick / JoyCon (Switch).
  • Runs well on nearly all set-ups from the last few years.
  • No internet required.

About Tackorama and BombFall

Tackorama creates absurd video games because fun should never be taken seriously.

BombFall was created following a series of coding mistakes and game design gone haywire. [Serious face.] The inital dungeon-based project that was in the preliminary stage of development was quickly abandoned once the jelly earth literally vanished in the boss cave room. [Serious face still on.]

The prototype manic gameplay and sense of peril was adapted to a more suitable of theme of the player constantly falling (a bomb). The usual Tackorama touches were added at every stage, including a stylised, hard-edged aesthetic, odd enemies, and lots and lots of power ups.