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Kitty Maestro Fact Sheet


Musically accurate
  • perfect intonation in 11 major scales
  • scales up to 5 sharps/5 flats
  • melodic mono-rhythms
  • treble clef range - easy to read on the stave
  • meow along to the music (you know you want to)
Easy arcade action
  • *meow* and throw notes to make music
  • procedurally generated riffs
  • game length from two to twenty riffs long
  • five difficulty levels from Beginner to Maestro
Meowtastic setting
  • Petropolis, the city of cats
  • A variety of locations you would expect in a large city (some more respectable than others)
System Requirements
  • Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch.
  • Mouse and keyboard (Windows/Mac).
  • DPad / Joystick / JoyCon (Switch).
  • No internet required.



Kitty Maestro is a musically-accurate arcade game set in a city of cats.

You play as a cat-composer travelling around the city of Petropolis looking for inspiration. You collect and construct riffs of music to complete an Oh-Puss that will be performed at the magnificent Meowditorium.

Petropolis has many locations typical of a capital city - a rich, vibrant culture to draw from. The Cat-Nav is used to find and travel to inspirational areas of the city to build your musical composition.

Inspired by classic video games and Game & Watch LCD games, Kitty Maestro features randomly generated, accurate music as part of a meowtastic monochromatic arcade game set in a city of cats.


The demo is free and features a rich gameplay experience - including the Meowditorium. The demo is limited by game length and only contains four city locations (Art Gallery, Trendy Cafe, Cinema and Aquarium).

City Flag

Petropolis has a city flag.

Composed of three grey scales to denote a cat head, cat's whiskers and the sky.