Loot Monkey Fact Sheet


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Loot Monkey is a 2D, flip-screen, platform game very much in the style of 8-bit platformers (e.g. Jet Set Willy).

Where... is... my... loot!

You play as Dougie, monkey and servant to the Evil Overlord, and have been instructed by your master to collect all his loot from his estate. Every item of loot must be collected from all the rooms to win the game and receive the master's reward.

Dougie explores the master's estate in any order he wishes. Dougie moves left and right and jumps to almost his own height. Being a monkey he has also been known to occasionally resist falling when near a wall. His abilities are useful for avoiding the Overlord's pets as well as the traps and hazards scattered across his master's estate.

Loot Monkey also features a few game modes for those seeking a greater challenge. These include limited starting lives as well as the restriction of extra lives. (There is no time limit although a count up timer is present).

Be a clever and brave monkey and gather the master's loot before a hero arrives to steal it.


  • Very easy controls.
  • Non-linear exploration.
  • Every room is a new challenge.
  • Strong and rich aesthetic.
  • Photographic backgrounds.
  • Clean and clear UI.
  • Voice acting for Evil Overlord.
  • Cheesy 1980s synth music.
  • Crisp monkey sounds.
  • Rooms are differently shaped.
  • Challenging game modes for better players.
  • Enemies do not fire projectiles.

System Requirements

  • Windows, Mac.
  • Runs well on nearly all set-ups from the last few years.
  • Mouse and keyboard only.
  • No internet required.

About Tackorama and Loot Monkey

Tackorama creates absurd video games because fun should never be taken seriously.

Loot Monkey was created as part-remake, part-successor, and shameless rip-off of Jet Set Willy and similar 1980s 8-bit platform games. Loot Monkey's simplicity and vibrancy shows that 8-bit art can be left in the past but 8-bit gameplay has a place on modern computers.

I've thought about Dougie (the Loot Monkey) for a while and am very pleased to have finally created him and given him a rich landscape to explore with lots of lovely shiny loot to collect.