Tri, tri, tri again

Triangulate is a tactical tile game where two opponents place triangle-shaped tiles to out score one another.

Every turn each player scores points by placing a triangular tile anywhere on the grid to match one of three colours and shapes.

Best tile.

Players balance optimal scoring and tactical tile placement - what might seem a good scoring tile now could be bad later if it allows your opponent better scoring potential.

It's all over.

The game ends when the board is full and a winner is usually declared (a draw is possible if both players are evenly matched).

Colour palettes

Triangulate features full controller support as well as on-demand colour changes with colour-blind palettes already present (plus some regular garish colour palettes).

Free Demo

A free demo of Triangulate is available and is limited to a small play area and human vs a rubbish AI. The full game includes a large board and decent AI.

— Fact Sheet —
Title: Triangulate
Developer: Tackorama Ltd
Release Date: August 2021
Platforms: PC | Mac | Nintendo Switch
Genre: 2D | Tile | Arcade
Price: FREE (Demo), £5 (Full Game)
Availability: Digital Download (PC/MAC)
Nintendo Switch US
Nintendo Switch EU
Demo: Limited to a small play area and rubbish AI
Controls: Controller (recommended - most supported)
Keyboard (WASD, arrow keys)
Languages: English
Audience: 3+
File Size: ~45 MB (download), ~100 MB (uncompressed)
Press Contact:
Twitter: @TackoramaLtd
Press Kit: Dropbox (contains art, screenshots, etc)